Scrum Product Owner Certification & Workshop: (Scrum Alliance Accredited Course Offering)

Scrum Product Owner Certification & Workshop: (Scrum Alliance Accredited Course Offering)


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Trainers and teachers all over the world have created a variety of teaching styles and techniques. This learning session and workshop promises to be like no other you have ever attended. Prior students in various sessions have gone as far as to say this class is life changing. While I cannot promise this workshop will change your life, here is what I can promise. \n \n1) While this class is based on the Scrum Method within the Agile Framework, the teachings in this course LARGELY focus on the Product Owner Role. The walls of the room become covered. We write plenty of stories and focus on what it is like first hand to be a Product Owner. \n \n2) If your only goal for taking the class is to receive the accreditation, this class is not for you. While my class reviews sit near the very top of all trainers, pass and play is not our primary goal. Our primary goal is to place you in first person scenarios where you can learn how to execute in your position, not just recall what the book says you should do. You will leave with tools and techniques to help you perform your job better. \n \n3) Scrum is not all about software anymore, nor is it an all or nothing prospect. This class will point out real world examples of how well known organizations from startup to enterprise have adopted Scrum and witnessed dramatic incremental changes. While software is still a very important industry where Scrum can be applied, many organizations are finding ways to apply this method throughout their organization. \n \nUpon successful completion of this course and a passing grade on the certification exam, each participant will be enrolled as a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO). Your certification will be registered and includes a Scrum Alliance membership. The Scrum Alliance is home to additional ScrumMaster-­?only material as well as the latest in Scrum information and course offerings. \n \nProfessional Development Units (PDUs) / Scrum Education Units (SEUs): \nPMPs: You are eligible to receive 14 PDUs for this course. Likewise 14 SEUs are awarded for this course.


This class is applicable and recommended to all levels and roles including Product Managers, Product Designers, Developers, Testers, Analysts, Executives, Project Managers, IT Professionals, or any role attempting to implement Scrum. Each participant is expected to have some basic knowledge of Agile/Scrum. It is strongly recommend to read the Official Scrum Guide prior to attending training.


  • Defining Agile
  • Scrum Roles & Responsibilities
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Agile Story Boarding
  • Agile vs. Acceptance Criteria
  • Vision & Strategy
  • Agile vs. Waterfall
  • Roadmapping & Agile Meetings
  • Establishing Trust & Accountability
  • Story Creation & Estimation
  • The Survivor Mentality
  • Rapid Release Planning Defining
  • Product Ownership
  • Sprint Planning

Class duration: 2 Day

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