Agile Product Ownership

Agile Product Ownership


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Category :Agile

Be prepared to embrace all that fulfills the role of the product owner. Learn all you wish to know about the five levels of Agile planning and where the product owner plays a key role. Focus on how the Product Owner serves the Agile teams through creation and maintenance of a stack ranked product backlog. Gain insight on how to use story-­?mapping techniques in order to create effective user stories and how to bridge the knowledge transfer gap with the team to assist in getting things done. Private classes may have up to 20 students


This course is designed for individuals who are product owners, product managers, business analysts, functional analysts, or technical analysts.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
  • Gain an overview of Agile
  • Discuss the role of the product owner
  • Learn the 5 levels of planning
  • Define the customer using Personas
  • Create a well defined product backlog
  • Write meaningful user stories
  • Organize a product roadmap
  • Prioritize the product backlog
  • Learn the estimating process
  • Learn Rapid Release Planning ©
  • Create Story Mapping Story Boards
  • Discuss how product owners can be engaged with the team as they execute the iteration and provide the right deliverables and measurements to make decisions about the product.
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