Agile Meeting Facilitation Workshop

Agile Meeting Facilitation Workshop


code :AW-023

Category :Agile

More money is wasted within organizations by not focusing on having the right people involved in Agile meetings at the right place and time. This session will walk you through each Agile meeting and teach you the secrets to the most pure optimization of valuable meeting times and people. Private classes may have up to 20 students.


No required prerequisites. Every person and team should at some point take this course! This is where you learn the key initiatives that make Agile work within organizations worldwide.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
  • Truly understand the five levels of Agile planning
  • Understand the need for both a vision and a strategy
  • Learn to tie the vision and strategy to sprint level goals
  • Acknowledge the existence of a roadmap and provide technical input
  • Embrace Rapid Release Planning ©
  • Hold meaningful and concise sprint planning sessions
  • Renew their understanding of the review & retrospective and embrace these sessions
  • Establish and understand team norms and standards
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