Advancing & Scaling Agile

Advancing & Scaling Agile


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So you have sent a few people to become Certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners. You have gotten the ball rolling and feel like things are going well. You just feel like you could be doing better. Many teams and organizations have already made the decision and taken the plunge with regards to selecting Agile as a method to better improve their delivery process. These same organizations often become complacent or stagnant in their implementation of Agile due to failure in understanding what items to tackle next as part of accelerating their Agile understanding. Private classes may have up to 20 students.


This course is not for beginning Agile teams. Beginning Agile teams should attend Agile Foundations as a Prerequisite to this training. This course is designed for teams who have the foundational Agile understanding in place and are looking to advance their Agile understanding and delivery. This session is designed for agile teams who already have a foundational understanding of Agile principles and are ready to dive much deeper and realize the greater benefits of an Agile implementation.


Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
  •  Understand how advanced Agile principles can be applied to your existing projects
  •  Learn how to effectively scale your Agile implementation
  •  Have a deeper understanding of Agile principles and the desire to apply a more focused approach to achieve a more consistent and higher quality Agile delivery
  •  Understand what it takes for a team to reach high performing and know which steps to take next to get there
  •  Know how to apply best practices from various Agile methods into the foundation to achieve a higher degree of success with the Agile implementation
  •  Have a greater understanding of the term potentially shippable and have the tools in place to deliver
  •  Identify technical debt and realize the importance of addressing it
  •  Address the importance of TDD and a Test first mindset.
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