Computer Vision Trends to Expect in 2019

Computer Vision Trends to Expect in 2019

We might see modifications rather than inventions in 2019. It might feel like more of the same – self-driving cars, facial recognition algorithms, virtual reality, etc. Feel free to disagree with me here and add your point of view – I would love to know what else we can expect next year that we haven’t already seen.

Drones, pending political and government approvals, might finally get the green light in the United States (India is far behind there). Personally, I would like to see a lot of the research being implemented in real-world scenarios. Conferences like CVPR and ICML portray the latest in this field but how close are those projects to being used in reality?

Visual question answering and visual dialog systems could finally make their long-awaited debut soon. These systems lack the ability to generalize but the expectation is that we’ll see an integrated multi-modal approach soon.

Self-supervised learning came to the forefront this year. I can bet on that being used in far more studies next year. It’s a really cool line of learning – the labels are directly determined from the data we input, rather than wasting time labelling images manually. Fingers crossed!

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